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Safaris – Wildlife & Birdwatching
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Venture deeper into nature. Break away from the beaten path, explore and be part of this unique restoration project consisting in Rewilding the Iberá Wetlands.

Covering approximately 1.76-million acres combined between the Iberá Provincial Park and the new Iberá National Park, the Iberá Wetland is now the largest nature park in Argentina and one of the most biologically diverse areas of the country.

This new safari destination harbours endemic species and reintroduced mammals. Explore these environments that protect over 200 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Due to years of hard work by the government of Corrientes, Conservation Land Trust & other organizations, protected animals wander around unafraid and are beguilingly approachable.

Many species have been reinserted such as the giant anteater, collared peccary, jaguar, pampas deer, tapir, bare-faced curassow, red-legged seriema, green-winged macaw and giant otter along with growing populations of caimans, marsh deer, capybaras, foxes, maned wolves, bats, Geoffroy’s cats and armadillos.

Birding – bird lovers’ paradise… with 350 species of birds rejoicing in this restored habitat, there are amazing sightings to be done. We organize outings in the morning and in the afternoon as well as safaris under the moonlight – cameras & binoculars at the ready!

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Horseback Riding
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Riding is a great way to commute and blend into nature at its pace. Enjoy the fun of riding! It’s ideal for all ages and we offer the unique opportunity of swimming with horses!

Horses are a big part of the culture of Corrientes. They are the men’s companions: they take them through infinite lands and into water on hot days… resilient, faithful and fun!

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Boating & Kayaking
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Iberá is one of the most important freshwater wetlands in South America. Set in the heart of the province of Corrientes, it is an area of 1,300,000 hectares.

This waterland is a drainage basin that is continuously filled with rainwater which, due to the low runoff associated with a virtually flat terrain, has more than half of its surface covered by water. Therefore, boating through waterways is one of the best means to explore the terrain and to get from one point to another.

You can either kayak, hop onto a canoe pulled by a horse or go on a boating excursion. From the water you will be able to observe species such as the caiman, marsh deer and an immense variety of birds.

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Walk along grass footpaths or venture into the tall grassland surrounded by nature, on the lookout for pampas deer, large birds such as bare-faced curassows,
red-legged seriemas, marsh deer or… if lucky, even a maned wolf! This is a “Reserve” with a variety of well-preserved protected environments tailored to a flourishing wildlife that is unafraid of people.

You will fall in love with the capybaras and, with a little luck, you will see foxes or vixens with their pups. Boots on, cameras ready and out to the fields!

End the day in the midst of unspoilt nature, having tea or a drink and enjoying marvelous sunsets – table set in the background whilst our staff are preparing dinner.

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Fly Fishing
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Thrilling freshwater fishing, with plenty of species to catch & release, Corrientes is definitely a location for fishing fans. You will find coveted species such as the fantastic Golden Dorado, known as the “river tiger”, as well as the Pacu, Piranha & others.

Set out before the hot sun with your private guide and return for lunch and a siesta and… if you feel like it why not go back out and continue till sunset!

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Culture & History
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Corrientes is full of colour and history, with influence from the Guaranies, the “criollos” with colonial customs, the British cattle breeders, the merchants and other wild spirits that have roamed this land.

Corrientes is home to a proud gaucho culture that is its strongest and definitely most colourful tradition. The place is full of music, dance and flavour. It’s beautiful and delicious. Corrientes has been able to keep its customs and mystique through the centuries.

From religious parades to carnival and gaucho festivities, there is always a fun event or time of the year to go. Meet with artisans and learn about their crafts. Take a cooking class and you will be able to enjoy these flavours back home!

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