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“We connect you and
the world with what
we love & protect”

Rewilding Experience offers tailor-made experiences in Corrientes. We are part of the Conservation Land Trust that works with Rewilding Argentina Foundation in creating & restoring national parks for the well-being of nature & local rural communities.

Through travel we are able to connect people with fragile natural areas and local communities, protecting nature and incentivizing local crafts & customs. Responsible tourism can create & sustain local economies, insuring the protection of the culture and avoiding the extinction of native species.

We will teach you about the flora, fauna and culture of Corrientes. You will learn and understand about these ecosystems and communities. In addition, you will meet the local people, giving them the opportunity to share their history and take pride in their customs.

You will be a part of this vision, creating an economy where all species can coexist.

Be part of the RE-wilding

When you travel with us you become part of the CLT project. Your time with us brings awareness & all profits go to the conservation and creation of national parks.

Local Stuff

We source our guides & staff from Corrientes. We train & teach them the skills and know-how necessary to be able to host you.

Inspiring Moments

Just you - watching the sunset immerse in the wetlands with a glass of champagne.

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